Fate: Tallulah Grace

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Fate (The Timeless Series: Book 1) by Tallulah Grace.


The Timeless Series in Order:

Spellbound (Book 2),  Destiny (Book 3),  Timeless Trilogy (Books 1-3).

Tallulah Grace’s SSCD Crime Thriller Series in Order:

The Littles (Book 1),  Casanova Killer (Book 2),  Bayou Butcher (Book 3),  Anson (Book 4),  The Collector (Book 5).


Tallulah Grace’s Stories of Starsdale Series in Order:

Cliffs of Starsdale (Book 1),  Precipice (Book 2),  Cascade (Book 3).

Tallulah Grace’s EJB Global Crime Thriller Series in Order:

Sunset Killer (Book 1),  A Killer’s Watch (Book 2).

Additional Books by Tallulah Grace:

1 – Trapped in Spaulding Manor (Short Story),  2 - An Extraordinary Christmas (Short Story).