Magic of Thieves: C. Greenwood

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Magic of Thieves (The Legends of Dimmingwood Series: Book 1) by C. Greenwood.


The Legends of Dimmingwood Series in Order:

Betrayal of Thieves (Book 2),  Circle of Thieves (Book 3),  Redemption of Thieves (Book 4),  Legends of Dimmingwood Series (Books 1-4).

C. Greenwood’s Catalysts of Chaos Series in Order:

Mistress of Masks (Book 1).

Dara England’s (aka C. Greenwood) Accomplished Mystery Series in Order:

Accomplished in Murder (Novella 1),  Accomplished in Detection (Novella 2).


Dara England’s (aka C. Greenwood) American Heiress Mystery Series in Order:

Death on Dartmoor (Book 1).

Additional Books by C. Greenwood:

1 – Beastly Beautiful,  2 - Love By The Book (Novella),  3 - The Magic Touch (Short Story).


Anthology by Dara England (aka C. Greenwood) & Various Authors:

1 – Mammoth Book of Irish Romance.