Abigail Keam: Death By A HoneyBee

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Death By A HoneyBee (Book 1) Abigail Keam

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Death By A HoneyBee (The Josiah Reynolds Mystery Series: Book 1) by Abigail Keam.

Abigail Keam’s Josiah Reynolds Mystery Series in Order:

Death by Drowning (Book 2),  Death by Bridle (Book 3),  Death by Bourbon (Book 4),  Death By Lotto (Novella 5),  Death by Chocolate (Book 6),  Death By Haunting (Book 7),  Death by Derby (Book 8).

Death by Drowning (Book 2) Death by Bridle (Book 3) Death by Bourbon (Book 4) Death by Lotto (Novella 5) Death by Chocolate (Book 6) Death By Haunting (Book 7) Death by Derby (Book 8)

Abigail Keam’s Saga of the de Magela Family Series in Order:

Wall of Doom (Book 1),  Wall of Peril (Book 2),  Wall of Glory (Novella 3),  Wall of Conquest (Book 4).

Wall of Doom (Book 1) Wall of Peril (Book 2) Wall of Glory (Novella 3) Wall of Conquest (Book 4)

Abigail Keam’s Last Chance Romance Series in Order:

Last Chance Motel (Book 1),  Gasping for Air (Book 2).

Last Chance Motel (Book 1) Gasping for Air (Book 2)