C. Greenwood: Magic of Thieves

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Magic of Thieves (Book 1) C. Greenwood

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Magic of Thieves (The Legends of Dimmingwood Series: Book 1) by C. Greenwood.

C. Greenwood’s Legends of Dimmingwood Series in Order:

Betrayal of Thieves (Book 2),  Circle of Thieves (Book 3),  Redemption of Thieves (Book 4),  Journey of Thieves (Book 5),  Legends of Dimmingwood Series (Books 1-4).

Betrayal of Thieves (Book 2) Circle of Thieves (Book 3) Redemption of Thieves (Book 4) Journey of Thieves (Book 5) Legends of Dimmingwood Series (Books 1-4)

C. Greenwood’s Catalysts of Chaos Series in Order:

Mistress of Masks (Book 1).

Mistress of Masks (Book 1)

C. Greenwood’s (aka Dara England) Accomplished Mystery Series in Order:

Accomplished in Murder (Novella 1),  Accomplished in Detection (Novella 2).

Accomplished in Murder (Novella 1) Accomplished in Detection (Novella 2)

C. Greenwood’s (aka Dara England) American Heiress Mystery Series in Order:

Death on Dartmoor (Book 1).

Death on Dartmoor (Book 1)

Additional Books by C. Greenwood:

1 – Dreamer’s Journey (Short Story).

Dreamer's Journey (Short Story)

Anthologies/Boxed Sets by C. Greenwood & Various Authors:

1 – Mammoth Book of Irish Romance,  2 – Gods & Dragons (Magic of Thieves),  3 – EPIC (Mistress of Masks).

Mammoth Book of Irish Romance Gods & Dragons (Magic of Thieves) EPIC