Claire Delacroix: The Beauty Bride

Historical Romance – 4.4 Stars – 133 Reviews

The Beauty Bride (Book 1) Claire Delacroix

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The Beauty Bride (The Jewels of Kinfairlie Series: Book 1) by Claire Delacroix.

Claire Delacroix’s Jewels of Kinfairlie Series in Order:

The Rose Red Bride (Book 2),  The Snow White Bride (Book 3),  The Ballad of Rosamunde (Novella 3.5),  The Jewels of Kinfairlie Boxed Set (Books 1-3 & Novella 3.5).

The Rose Red Bride (Book 2) The Snow White Bride (Book 3) The Ballad of Rosamunde (Novella 3.5) The Jewels of Kinfairlie Boxed Set (Books 1-3 & Novella 3.5)

Claire Delacroix’s Rogues of Ravensmuir Series in Order:

The Rogue (Book 1),  The Scoundrel (Book 2),  The Warrior (Book 3),  The Rogues of Ravensmuir Boxed Set (Books 1-3).

The Rogue (Book 1) The Scoundrel (Book 2) The Warrior (Book 3) The Rogues of Ravensmuir Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

Claire Delacroix’s Bride Quest Series in Order:

The Princess (Book 1),  The Damsel (Book 2),  The Heiress (Book 3),  The Bride Quest Series 3-Book Bundle (Books 1-3).

The Princess (Book 1) The Damsel (Book 2) The Heiress (Book 3) The Bride Quest Series 3-Book Bundle (Books 1-3)

Claire Delacroix’s Bride Quest 2 Series in Order:

The Countess (Book 1),  The Beauty (Book 2),  The Temptress (Book 3),  Bride Quest II Boxed Set (Books 1-3).

The Countess (Book 1) The Beauty (Book 2) The Temptress (Book 3) Bride Quest II Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

Claire Delacroix’s True Love Brides Series in Order:

The Renegade’s Heart (Book 1),  The Highlander’s Curse (Book 2),  The Frost Maiden’s Kiss (Book 3),  The Warrior’s Prize (Book 4).

The Renegade's Heart (Book 1) The Highlander's Curse (Book 2) The Frost Maiden's Kiss (Book 3) The Warrior's Prize (Book 4)

Claire Delacroix’s Sayerne Series in Order:

My Lady’s Champion (Book 1),  Enchanted (Book 2),  My Lady’s Desire (Book 3).

My Lady's Champion (Book 1) Enchanted (Book 2) My Lady's Desire (Book 3)

Claire Delacroix’s Time Travel Romances:

1 – Once Upon a Kiss,  2 – The Last Highlander,  3 – The Moonstone,  4 – Love Potion #9,  5 – Time Travel Romances Boxed Set.

 The Last Highlander The Moonstone Love Potion #9 Time Travel Romances Boxed Set

Claire Delacroix’s Prometheus Project Series in Order:

Fallen (Book 1),  Guardian (Book 2),  Rebel (Book 3),  Abyss (Book 4).

Fallen (Book 1) Guardian (Book 2) Rebel (Book 3) Abyss (Book 4)

Deborah Cooke’s (aka Claire Delacroix) Coxwells Series in Order:

Third Time Lucky (Book 1),  Double Trouble (Book 2),  One More Time (Book 3),  All Or Nothing (Book 4).

Third Time Lucky (Book 1) Double Trouble (Book 2) One More Time (Book 3) All Or Nothing (Book 4)

Deborah Cooke’s (aka Claire Delacroix) Dragonfire Series in Order:

Kiss of Fire (Book 1),  Kiss of Fury (Book 2),  Kiss of Fate (Book 3),  Winter Kiss (Book 4),  Harmonia’s Kiss (Novella 4.5),  Whisper Kiss (Book 5),  Darkfire Kiss (Book 6),  Flashfire (Book 7),  Ember’s Kiss (Book 8),  Dragon Legion (Book 9),  Serpent’s Kiss (Book 10),  Firestorm Forever (Book 11).

Kiss of Fire (Book 1) Kiss of Fury (Book 2) Kiss of Fate (Book 3) Winter Kiss (Book 4) Harmonia’s Kiss (Novella 4.5) Whisper Kiss (Book 5) Darkfire Kiss (Book 6) Flashfire (Book 7) Ember’s Kiss (Book 8) "The Serpent's Kiss (Book 10) Firestorm Forever (Book 11)

Deborah Cooke’s (aka Claire Delacroix) Dragon Diaries Series in Order:

Flying Blind (Book 1),  Winging It (Book 2),  Blazing the Trail (Book 3).

Flying Blind (Book 1) Winging It (Book 2) Blazing the Trail (Book 3)

Additional Books by Claire Delacroix:

1 – Pearl Beyond Price,  2 – Unicorn Vengeance,  3 – Highland Heroes (Boxed Set),  4 – Kinfairlie Knights (Boxed Set).

Pearl Beyond Price Unicorn Vengeance Highland Heroes (Boxed Set) Kinfairlie Knights (Boxed Set)

Anthologies/Boxed Sets by Claire Delacroix & Various Authors:

1 – The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance (The Ballad of Rosamunde),  2 – The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2: Love Bites (Coven of Mercy),  3 – Beguiled,  4 – Border Brotherhood (The Beauty Bride),  5 – Lairds, Lords & Lovers (The Rogue).

 The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2  Beguiled Border Brotherhood (The Beauty Bride) Lairds, Lords & Lovers (The Rogue)