Dale Mayer: Tuesday’s Child

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Tuesday’s Child (Book 1) Dale Mayer

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Tuesday’s Child (The Psychic Visions Series: Book 1) by Dale Mayer.

Dale Mayer’s Psychic Visions Series in Order:

Hide’n Go Seek (Book 2),  Maddie’s Floor (Book 3),  Garden of Sorrow (Book 4),  Knock, knock… (Book 5),  Rare Find (Book 6),  Eyes to the Soul (Book 7),  Psychic Visions Set (Books 1-3).

Hide’n Go Seek (Book 2) Maddie’s Floor (Book 3) Garden of Sorrow (Book 4) Knock, knock… (Book 5) Rare Find (Book 6) Eyes to the Soul (Book 7) Psychic Visions Set (Books 1-3)

Dale Mayer’s Family Blood Ties Series in Order:

Sian’s Solution (Short Story 0.5),  Vampire in Denial (Book 1),  Vampire in Distress (Book 2),  Vampire in Design (Book 3),  Vampire in Deceit (Book 4),  Vampire In Defiance (Book 5),  Vampire in Conflict (Book 6),  Vampire in Chaos (Book 7),  Vampire in Crisis (Book 8),  Family Blood Ties Set (Books 1-3),  Family Blood Ties Series (Books 4-6).

Sian's Solution (Short Story 0.5) Vampire in Denial (Book 1) Vampire in Distress (Book 2) Vampire in Design (Book 3) Vampire in Deceit (Book 4) Vampire In Defiance (Book 5) Vampire in Conflict (Book 6) Vampire in Chaos (Book 7)  Vampire in Crisis (Book 8) Family Blood Ties Set (Books 1-3) Family Blood Ties Series (Books 4-6)

Dale Mayer’s Design Series in Order:

Dangerous Designs (Book 1),  Deadly Designs (Book 2),  Darkest Designs (Book 3),  Design Series Trilogy (Books 1-3).

Dangerous Designs (Book 1) Deadly Designs (Book 2) Darkest Designs (Book 3) Design Series Trilogy (Books 1-3)

Dale Mayer’s Death Series in Order:

Touched by Death (Book 1),  Haunted by Death (Book 2).

Touched by Death Haunted by Death (Book 2)

Dale Mayer’s Second Chances…at Love Series in Order:

Second Chances (Book 1).

Second Chances (Book 1)

Dale Mayer’s Charmin Marvin Series in Order:

Broken Protocols 1,  Broken Protocols 2,  Broken Protocols 3,  Broken Protocols 3.5,  Broken Protocols (Books 1-3).

Broken Protocols 1 Broken Protocols 2 Broken Protocols 3 Broken Protocols 3.5 Broken Protocols (Books 1-3)

Dale Mayer’s Broken but… Mending Series in Order:

Skin (Book 1).  Scars (Book 2).

Skin Scars (Book 2)

Additional Books by Dale Mayer:

1 – Gem Stone,  2 – In Cassie’s Corner,  3 – It’s a Dog’s Life,  4 – Riana’s Revenge (Short Story),  5 – Romance x3 (Boxed Set),  6 – Dare to Be You (Boxed Set),  7 – Dare to Love,  8 – Dare to be Strong (Boxed Set),  9 – Riana’s Revenge (Short Story),  10 – Time Thieves.

Gem Stone In Cassie's Corner It's a Dog's Life Riana's Revenge (Short Story) Romance x3 (Boxed Set) Dare to Be You (Boxed Set) Dare to Love Dare to be Strong (Boxed Set) Riana's Revenge (Short Story) Time Thieves

Anthologies/Boxed Sets by Dale Mayer & Various Authors:

1 – Every Witch Way But Wicked (Riana’s Revenge),  2 – Darlings of YA Urban Fantasy (Dangerous Designs),  3 – Darlings of Paranormal Romance (Tuesday’s Child & Vampire in Denial),  4 – Darlings of Darkness (Vampire in Denial),  5 – Romance Super Bundle (Touched by Death),  6 – Marked by Destiny (Vampire in Denial),  7 – Destined Fate (Vampire in Denial),  8 – A Shade Of Darkness (Tuesday’s Child & Sian’s Solution),  9 – Hearts On Fire (Second Chances),  10 – Believe (Tuesday’s Child),  11 – Heated (Second Chances),  12 – Light & Dark (Tuesday’s Child),  13 – Stolen Hearts (Second Chances),  14 – Romance Super Bundle II (Second Chances),  15 – Love on the Edge (Hide’n Go Seek),  16 – The Gemstone Collection: Vol. 4 (Touched by Death),  17 – Killer Romances (Haunted by Death),  18 – Christmas Magic (Second Chances),  19 – Romancing Christmas (Broken Protocols 3.5),  20 – Psychic Storm (Tuesday’s Child),  21 – Vampires, Werewolves, & Zombies (Vampire in Denial),  22 – Tales of Dark Fantasy  Paranormal Romance (Tuesday’s Child & Vampire in Denial).

Every Witch Way But Wicked Darlings of YA Urban Fantasy (Dangerous Designs) Darlings of Paranormal Romance (Tuesday’s Child & Vampire in Denial) Darlings of Darkness (Vampire in Denial) Romance Super Bundle (Touched by Death) Marked by Destiny (Vampire in Denial) Destined Fate (Vampire in Denial) A Shade Of Darkness (Tuesday's Child & Sian's Solution) Believe (Tuesday's Child) Heated (Second Chances) Light & Dark (Tuesday's Child) Stolen Hearts (Second Chances) Romance Super Bundle II (Second Chances) Love on the Edge (Hide’n Go Seek) The Gemstone Collection: Vol. 4 (Touched by Death) Killer Romances (Haunted by Death) Romancing Christmas (Broken Protocols 3.5) Christmas Magic (Second Chances) Psychic Storm (Tuesday's Child) Vampires, Werewolves, & Zombies (Vampire in Denial) Tales of Dark Fantasy & Paranormal Romance (Tuesday’s Child & Vampire in Denial)