Deb Baker: Murder Passes the Buck

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Murder Passes the Buck (Book 1) Deb Baker

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Murder Passes the Buck (The Gertie Johnson Murder Mystery Series: Book 1) by Deb Baker.

Deb Baker’s Gertie Johnson Murder Mystery Series in Order:

Murder Grins and Bears It (Book 2),  Murder Talks Turkey (Book 3),  Murder Bites the Bullet (Book 4),  Murder Trims the Tree (Novellette 4.5),  Murder Begins at Home (Novella 4.75),  Gertie Johnson Murder Mysteries Boxed Set (Books 1-4),  Murder Comes in Threes.

Murder Grins and Bears It (Book 2) Murder Talks Turkey (Book 3) Murder Bites the Bullet (Book 4) Murder Trims the Tree (Novellette 4.5) Murder Begins at Home (Novella 4.75) Gertie Johnson Murder Mysteries Boxed Set (Books 1-4) Murder Comes in Threes

Deb Baker’s Gretchen Birch Murder Mystery Series in Order:

Dolled Up For Murder (Book 1),  Goodbye, Dolly (Book 2),  Dolly Departed (Book 3),  Guise & Dolls (Book 4),  Gertie Johnson Murder Mysteries Boxed Set (Books 1-4).

Dolled Up For Murder (Book 1) Goodbye, Dolly (Book 2) Dolly Departed (Book 3) Guise & Dolls (Book 4) Gertie Johnson Murder Mysteries Boxed Set (Books 1-4)

Deb Baker’s (aka Hannah Reed) Queen Bee Mystery Series in Order:

Buzz Off (Book 1),  Mind Your Own Beeswax (Book 2),  Plan Bee (Book 3),  Beeline to Trouble (Book 4),  Beewitched (Book 5).

Buzz Off (Book 1) Mind Your Own Beeswax (Book 2) Plan Bee (Book 3) Beeline to Trouble (Book 4) Beewitched (Book 5)

Deb Baker’s (aka Hannah Reed) Scottish Highlands Mystery Series in Order:

Off Kilter (Book 1).

Off Kilter (Book 1)

Additional Books by Deb Baker:

1 – Cave of Memories (Novella).

Cave Of Memories (Novella)

Anthologies/Boxed Sets by Deb Baker & Various Authors:

1 – A Fatal Four-Pack (Murder Passes The Buck).

A Fatal Four-Pack