Douglas E. Richards: Wired

Sci-Fi Thriller – 4.0 Stars – 1,826 Reviews

Wired (Book 1) Douglas E. Richards

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Wired (The Wired Series: Book 1) by Douglas E. Richards.

Douglas E. Richards’ Wired Series in Order:

Amped (Book 2).

Amped (Book 2)

Douglas E. Richards’ Prometheus Project Series in Order:

Trapped (Book 1),  Captured (Book 2),  Stranded (Book 3).

Trapped (Book 1) Captured (Book 2) Stranded (Book 3)

Douglas E. Richards’ Nick Hall Series in Order:

Mind’s Eye  (Book 1),  BrainWeb (Book 2).

Mind's Eye BrainWeb (Book 2)

Additional Books by Douglas E. Richards:

1 – The Cure,  2 – The Devil’s Sword,  3 – Out of This World,  4 – Ethan Pritcher, Body Switcher,  5 –  Quantum Lens.

The Cure The Devil's Sword Out of This World Ethan Pritcher, Body Switcher Quantum Lens