Elaine Levine: The Edge of Courage

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The Edge of Courage (Book 1) Elaine Levine

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The Edge of Courage (The Red Team Series: Book 1) by Elaine Levine.

Elaine Levine’s Red Team Series in Order:

Shattered Valor (Book 2),  Honor Unraveled (Book 3),  Kit and Ivy (Novella 3.5),  Twisted Mercy (Book 4),  Ty and Eden (Novella 4.5).

Shattered Valor (Book 2) Honor Unraveled (Book 3) Kit and Ivy (Novella 3.5) Twisted Mercy (Book 4) Ty and Eden (Novella 4.5)

Elaine Levine’s Men of Defiance Series in Order:

Rachel and the Hired Gun (Book 1),  Audrey and the Maverick (Book 2),  Leah and the Bounty Hunter (Book 3),  Logan’s Outlaw (Book 4),  Agnes and the Renegade (Book 5).

Rachel and the Hired Gun (Book 1) Audrey and the Maverick (Book 2) Leah and the Bounty Hunter (Book 3) Logan's Outlaw (Book 4) Agnes and the Renegade (Book 5)