J. R. Rain: Moon Dance

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Moon Dance (Book 1) J. R. Rain

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Moon Dance (The Vampire for Hire Series: Book 1) by J. R. Rain.

J. R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire Series in Order:

Teeth (Short Story 1.5),  Vampire Moon (Book 2),  Vampire Nights (Short Story 2.5),  American Vampire (Book 3),  Moon Child (Book 4),  Vampire Blues (Short Story 4.25),  Christmas Moon (Novella 4.5),  Vampire Dawn (Book 5),  Vampire Games (Book 6),  Vampire Dreams (Short Story 6.5),  Halloween Moon (Short Story 6.75),  Moon Island (Book 7),  Vampire Gold (Short Story 7.5),  Blue Moon (Short Story 7.75),  Moon River (Book 8),  Dark Side of the Moon (Short Story 8.5),  Vampire Sun (Book 9),  Moon Dragon (Book 10),  Vampire Requiem (Short Story 10.5),  Samantha Moon Rising (Books 5-7),  Samantha Moon Forever (Books 8-10).

Teeth (Short Story) Vampire Moon (Book 2) Vampire Nights (Short Story) American Vampire (Book 3) Moon Child (Book 4) Vampire Blues (Short Story) Christmas Moon (Novella) Vampire Dawn (Book 5) Vampire Games (Book 6) Vampire Dreams (Short Story) Halloween Moon (Short Story) Moon Island (Book 7) Vampire Gold (Short Story) Blue Moon (Short Story 7.75) Moon River (Book 8) Dark Side of the Moon (Short Story 8.5) Vampire Sun (Book 9) Moon Dragon (Book 10) Vampire Requiem (Short Story 10.5) Samantha Moon Rising (Books 5-7) Samantha Moon Forever (Books 8-10)

J. R. Rain & Rod Kierkegaard Jr.’s Samantha Moon Case Files Series in Order:

Moon Bayou (Novella 1).

Moon Bayou (Novella 1)

J. R. Rain’s Jim Knighthorse Series in Order:

Dark Horse (Book 1),  The Mummy Case (Book 2),  Hail Mary (Book 3),   Clean Slate (Book 4),  Easy Rider (Short Story 4.5).

Dark Horse (Book 1) The Mummy Case (Book 2) Hail Mary (Book 3) Clean Slate (Book 4) Easy Rider (Short Story 4.5)

J. R. Rain’s Spinoza Series in Order:

Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo (Novella 1),  Vampire Who Played Dead (Novella 2),  Vampire In The Iron Mask (Novella 3),  The Vampire on the Train (Short Story 3.5).

Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo (Novella 1) Vampire Who Played Dead (Novella 2) Vampire In The Iron Mask (Novella 3) The Vampire on the Train (Short Story 3.5)

J. R. Rain’s Witches Series in Order:

The Witch and the Gentleman (Novella 1),  The Witch and the Englishman (Novella 2).

The Witch and the Gentleman (Novella 1) The Witch and the Englishman (Novella 2)

J. R. Rain & Aiden James’ Nick Caine Series in Order:

Temple of the Jaguar (Novella 1),  Treasure of the Deep (Novella 2),  Pyramid of the Gods (Novella 3),  Curse of the Druids (Novella 4),  Secret of the Loch (Novella 5).

Temple of the Jaguar (Novella 1) Treasure of the Deep (Novella 2) Pyramid of the Gods (Novella 3) Curse of the Druids (Novella 4) Secret of the Loch (Novella 5)

J. R. Rain, Scott Nicholson, & H. T. Night’s Spider Series in Order:

Bad Blood (Novella 1),  Spider Web (Novella 2),  Spider Bite (Novella 3),  The Spider Trilogy (Novellas 1-3).

Bad Blood (Novella 1) Spider Web (Novella 2) Spider Bite (Novella 3) The Spider Trilogy (Novellas 1-3)

J. R. Rain & Elizabeth Basque’s Walking Plague Series in Order:

Zombie Patrol (Book 1),  Zombie Rage (Book 2),  Zombie Mountain (Book 3),  The Walking Plague Trilogy (Books 1-3).

Zombie Patrol (Book 1) Zombie Rage (Book 2) Zombie Mountain (Book 3) The Walking Plague Trilogy (Books 1-3)

J. R. Rain & Piers Anthony’s Aladdin Series in Order:

Aladdin Relighted (Book 1),  Aladdin Sins Bad (Book 2),  Aladdin and the Flying Dutchman (Book 3).

Aladdin Relighted (Book 1) Aladdin Sins Bad (Book 2) Aladdin and the Flying Dutchman (Book 3)

J. R. Rain & A. K. Alexander’s PSI Series in Order:

Hear No Evil (Novella 1),  See No Evil (Novella 2),  Flight 12: A PSI Thriller (Novella 2.5).

Hear No Evil (Novella 1) See No Evil (Novella 2) Flight 12: A PSI Thriller (Novella 2.5)

J. R. Rain, Scott Nicholson, Eve Paludan, & Evelyn Klebert’s Ghost Files Series in Order:

Ghost College (Novella 1),  Ghost Soldier (Novella 2),  Ghost Fire (Novella 3).

 Ghost College (Novella 1) Ghost Soldier (Novella 2) Ghost Fire (Novella 3)

J. R. Rain & Rod Kierkegaard Jr.’s Dead Detective Series in Order:

The Dead Detective (Book 1),  Ghosts of Christmas Present (Short Story 1.5).

The Dead Detective Ghosts of Christmas Present (Short Story 1.5)

Additional Books by J. R. Rain:

1 – The Body Departed,  2 – The Lost Ark,  3 – Elvis Has Not Left The Building,  4 – Silent Echo,  5 – The Vampire Diaries: Bound By Blood (Novella),  6 – Lost Eden (Novella),  7 – Judas Silver (Novella),  8 – The Bleeder (Short Story),  9 – Black Rain: 15 Dark Tales,  10 – Cursed! (Collaboration),  11 – The Vampire Club (Collaboration),  12 – Dragon Assassin (Collaboration),  13 – Dolfin Tayle (Collaboration),  14 – The Grail Quest,  15 – Vampire Rain and Other Stories,  16 – The Abnorm Chronicles: Glimmer (Collaborative Novella),  17 – The Santa Call and Other Stories (Short Stories),  18 – Jack and the Giants (Collaborative Novella),  19 – The Black Fang Betrayal (Collaboration), (Collaboration),  20 – Winter Wind,  21 – Red Rain (Short Stories).

Body Departed Lost Ark Elvis Has Not Left The Building Silent Echo The Vampire Diaries: Bound By Blood (Novella) Lost Eden Judas Silver The Bleeder (Short Story) Black Rain: 15 Dark TalesCursed! (Collaboration) The Vampire Club (Collaboration) Dragon Assassin (Collaboration) Dolfin Tayle (Collaboration) The Grail Quest Vampire Rain and Other Stories The Abnorm Chronicles: Glimmer (Collaborative Novella) The Santa Call and Other Stories (Short Stories) Jack and the Giants (Collaborative Novella) The Black Fang Betrayal (Collaboration) Winter Wind Red Rain (Short Stories)

Anthologies/Boxed Sets by J. R. Rain & Various Authors:

1 – Curiosity Quills (The Fridge),  2 – Naughty or Nice (The Santa Call),  3 – Mysterious Ways (Dark Horse),  4 – Dark Spells (Collaborations),  5 – This is the End 2 (Zombie Patrol),  6 – Chronology (The Bull).

 Curiosity Quills (The Fridge) Naughty or Nice (The Santa Call) Mysterious Ways (Dark Horse) Dark Spells (Collaborations) This is the End 2 (Zombie Patrol) Chronology (The Bull)