JoHannah Reardon: Crispens Point

Christian Contemporary Romance – 4.4 Stars – 296 Reviews

Crispens Point (Book 1) JoHannah Reardon

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Crispens Point (The Blackberry County Chronicles Series: Book 1) by JoHannah Reardon.

JoHannah Reardon’s Blackberry County Chronicles Series in Order:

Cherry Cobbler (Book 2),  Prince Crossing (Book 3).

Cherry Cobbler (Book 2) Prince Crossing (Book 3)

JoHannah Reardon’s Distant Shores Series in Order:

Redbud Corner (Book 1),  Journey to Omwana (Book 2),  Gathering Bittersweet (Book 3).

Redbud Corner (Book 1) Journey to Omwana (Book 2) Gathering Bittersweet (Book 3)

JoHannah Reardon’s Maggie & Tim Mystery Series in Order:

Summerville (Book 1).

Summerville (Book 1)

JoHannah Reardon’s Land of Neo Series in Order:

The Crumbling Brick (Novella 1),  The Protectors (Novella 2),  The Adventurers (Novella),  The Land of Neo Trilogy (Books 1-3).

The Crumbling Brick (Novella 1) The Protectors (Novella 2) The Adventurers (Novella) The Land of Neo Trilogy (Books 1-3)