Kate Perry: Perfect for You

Contemporary Romance – 4.5 Stars – 940 Reviews

Perfect for You (Book 1) Kate Perry

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Perfect for You (The Laurel Heights Series: Book 1) by Kate Perry.

Kate Perry’s Laurel Heights Series in Order:

Close to You (Book 2),  Return To You (Book 3),  Looking For You (Book 4),  Dream Of You (Book 5),  Sweet On You (Book 6),  Tamed By You (Book 7),  Here With You (Book 8),  All For You (Novelette 8.5),  Mad About You (Book 9),  Loved By You (Book 10),  Wrapped in You (Novella 10.5),  Laurel Heights (Books 1-3).

Close to You (Book 2) Return To You (Book 3) Looking For You (Book 4) Dream Of You (Book 5) Sweet On You (Book 6) Tamed By You (Book 7) Here With You (Book 8) All For You (Novelette 8.5) Mad About You (Book 9) Loved By You (Book 10) Wrapped in You (Novella 10.5) Laurel Heights (Books 1-3)

Kate Perry’s Guardians of Destiny Series in Order:

Marked by Passion (Book 1),  Chosen by Desire (Book 2),  Tempted by Fate (Book 3).

Marked by Passion (Book 1) Chosen by Desire (Book 2) Tempted by Fate (Book 3)

Kate Perry’s Pillow Talk (Family & Love) Series in Order:

Playing Doctor (Book 1),  Playing for Keeps (Book 2),  Project Date (Book 3).

Playing Doctor (Book 1) Playing for Keeps (Book 2) Project Date (Book 3)

Kate Perry’s Summerhill Series in Order:

Say You Will (Book 1),  Lost in Love (Book 2),  Let’s Misbehave (Book 3),  Stay the Night (Book 4),  Once Upon a Dream (Book 5),  How Sweet It Is (Book 6),  Give a Little (Book  7).

Say You Will (Book 1) Lost in Love (Book 2) Let's Misbehave (Book 3) Stay the Night (Book 4) Once Upon a Dream (Book 5) How Sweet It Is (Book 6) Give a Little (Book  7)

Additional Books by Kate Perry:

1 – Project Daddy.

Project Daddy