Rita Hestand: Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

Contemporary Romance – 4.1 Stars – 265 Reviews

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (Book 1) Rita Hestand

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Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (The Travers Brothers Series: Book 1) by Rita Hestand.

Rita Hestand’s Travers Brothers Series in Order:

Courting Abby (Book 2),  Hannah’s Man (Book 3),  Along Came Love (Book 4),  Avalanche of the Heart (Book 5),  Family Matters (Books 1-4).

Courting Abby (Book 2) Hannah’s Man (Book 3) Along Came Love (Book 4) Avalanche of the Heart (Book 5) Family Matters (Books 1-4)

Rita Hestand’s Amory’s Series in Order:

Heart of the Wild (Book 1),  Sweeter Than Wine (Book 2),  Mail Order Nanny (Book 3),  Men of the Northwest (Books 1-3).

Heart of the Wild (Book 1) Sweeter Than Wine (Book 2) Mail Order Nanny (Book 3) Men of the Northwest (Books 1-3)

Rita Hestand’s McKay’s Series in Order:

Raining In My Heart (Book 1),  Ring of Fire (Book 2),  Twelfth of Never (Book 3),  Stand By Me (Book 4),  Family Ranch (Books 1-4).

Raining In My Heart (Book 1) Ring of Fire (Book 2) Twelfth of Never (Book 3) Stand By Me (Book 4) Family Ranch (Books 1-4)

Rita Hestand’s Dream Catcher Series in Order:

Beyond the Dream Catcher (Book 1),  Just One Kiss (Book 2),  Ask No Tomorrows (Book 3).

Beyond the Dream Catcher (Book 1) Just One Kiss (Book 2) Ask No Tomorrows (Book 3)

Rita Hestand’s Western Serial Killer Series in Order:

Better Off Without Her (Book 1),  Good Day for a Hanging (Book 2),  Bad Day for a Killing (Book 3).

Better Off Without Her (Book 1) Good Day for a Hanging (Book 2) Bad Day for a Killing (Book 3)

Rita Hestand’s Red River Valley Brides Series in Order:

Heart of a Lady (Book 1),  Last Bride, Last Man (Book 3),  Winning The Lady (Book 4).

Heart of a Lady (Book 1) Last Bride, Last Man (Book 3) Winning The Lady (Book 4)

Rita Hestand’s Brides of the West Series in Order:

Heart of a Family (Book 1),  Delivering the Bride (Book 2),  Heart of a Woman (Book 3),  Wanted:Bride (Book 4),  This Side of Forever (Book 5).

Heart of a Family (Book 1) Delivering the Bride (Book 2) Heart of a Woman (Book 3) Wanted:Bride (Book 4)

Rita Hestand’s Connor’s Series in Order:

Cinderella Nanny (Book 1)

Cinderella Nanny (Book 1)

Additional Books by Rita Hestand:

1 – Always Remember,  2 – Jodi’s Journey,  3 – Nick’s Baby,  4 – Suspicions of the Heart,  5 – Pretend Mom,  6 – Strictly Business,  7 – Wandering Heart,  8 – Runaway Bride,  9 – Love Rules,  10 – The Far Side of Lonesome (Novelette),  11 – Distracted (Novelette),  12 – Halloween Witness (Novelette),  13 – Fast Forward Love (Novelette).

Always Remember Jodi's Journey Nick’s Baby Suspicions of the Heart Pretend Mom Strictly Business Wandering Heart Runaway Bride Love Rules The Far Side of Lonesome (Novelette) Distracted (Novelette) Halloween Witness (Novelette) Fast Forward Love (Novelette)

Anthologies/Boxed Sets by Rita Hestand & Various Authors:

1 – A Summer Collection (Far Side of Lonesome),  2 –  2011 Summer Collection (Distracted),  3 – A Halloween Collection (Halloween Witness),  4 – A Christmas Collection (Fast Forward Love).

A Summer Collection (Far Side of Lonesome) 2011 Summer Collection (Distracted)  A Halloween Collection (Halloween Witness) A Christmas Collection (Fast Forward Love)