Sable Hunter: Cowboy Heat

Erotic Contemporary Romance – 4.4 Stars – 318 Reviews

Cowboy Heat (Book 1) Sable Hunter Hell Yeah!

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Cowboy Heat (Hell Yeah! Series: Book 1) by Sable Hunter.

Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah! Series in Order:

Hot on Her Trail (Book 2),  Her Magic Touch (Book 3),  A Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Book 4),  Badass (Book 5),  Burning Love (Book 6/Cajun 1),  Forget Me Never (Book 7/Cajun 2),  I’ll See You in My Dreams (Book 8),  Finding Dandi (Book 9/Cajun 3),  Skye Blue (Book 10),  I’ll Remember You (Book 11),  True Love’s Fire (Book 12),  Thunderbird (Book 13/Equalizers 1),  Welcome to My World (Book 14),  How to Rope a McCoy (Book 15),  Hell Yeah! Box Set with Bonus Cookbook (Books 1 & 2).

Hot on Her Trail (Book 2) Her Magic Touch (Book 3) Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Book 4) Badass (Book 5) Burning Love (Book 6) Forget Me Never (Book 7) I'll See You in My Dreams (Book 8) Finding Dandi (Book 9) Skye Blue (Book 10) I’ll Remember You (Book 11) True Love’s Fire (Book 12) Thunderbird (Book 13/Equalizers 1) Welcome to My World (Book 14) How to Rope a McCoy (Book 15) Hell Yeah! Box Set with Bonus Cookbook

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