Stephanie Rowe: Darkness Awakened

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Darkness Awakened (Book 1) Stephanie Rowe

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Darkness Awakened (The Order of the Blade Series: Book 1) by Stephanie Rowe.

Stephanie Rowe’s Order of the Blade Series in Order:

Darkness Seduced (Book 2),  Darkness Surrendered (Book 3),  Forever in Darkness (Novella 4),  Darkness Reborn (Book 5),  Darkness Arisen (Book 6),  Darkness Unleashed (Book 7),  Inferno of Darkness (Book 8),  Darkness Possessed (Book 9).

Darkness Seduced (Book 2) Darkness Surrendered (Book 3) Forever in Darkness (Book 4) Darkness Reborn (Book 5) Darkness Arisen (Book 6) Darkness Unleashed (Book 7) Inferno of Darkness (Book 8) Darkness Possessed (Book 9)

Stephanie Rowe’s Ever After Series in Order:

No Knight Needed (Book 1),  Fairytale Not Required (Book 2),  Prince Charming Can Wait (Book 3).

No Knight Needed (Book 1) Fairytale Not Required (Book 2) Prince Charming Can Wait (Book 3)

Stephanie Rowe’s Alaska Heat Series in Order:

Ice (Book 1),  Chill (Book 2),  Ghost (Book 3).

Ice (Book 1) Chill (Book 2) Ghost (Book 3)

Stephanie Rowe’s Soulfire Series in Order:

Kiss at Your Own Risk (Book 1),  Touch If You Dare (Book 2),  Hold Me If You Can (Book 3).

Kiss At Your Own Risk (Book 1) Touch If You Dare (Book 2) Hold Me If You Can (Book 3)

Stephanie Rowe’s Immortally Sexy Series in Order:

Date Me, Baby, One More Time (Book 1),  Must Love Dragons (Book 2),  He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot (Book 3),  Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy (Book 4).

Date Me, Baby, One More Time (Book 1) Must Love Dragons (Book 2) He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot (Book 3) Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy (Book 4)

Stephanie Rowe’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Boys Series in Order:

Putting Boys on the Ledge (Book 1),  Studying Boys (Book 2),  Who Needs Boys? (Book 3),  Smart Boys & Fast Girls (Book 4).

Putting Boys on the Ledge (Book 1) Studying Boys (Book 2) Who Needs Boys? (Book 3) Smart Boys & Fast Girls (Book 4)

Stephanie Rowe’s Forgotten Series in Order:

Penelope Moonswoggle, The Girl Who Could Not Ride a Dragon (Book 1).

Penelope Moonswoggle, The Girl Who Could Not Ride a Dragon (Book 1)

Additional Books by Stephanie Rowe:

1 – Jingle This!,  2 – The Sharpest Edge,  3 – The Fake Boyfriend Experiment,  4 – Not Quite Dead,  5 – Stress & the City.

Jingle This! The Sharpest Edge The Fake Boyfriend Experiment Not Quite Dead (Short Story) Stress & the City

Anthologies/Boxed Sets by Stephanie Rowe & Various Authors:

1 Last Hero Standing (Ice).

In Harm's Way (Guarding Suzannah) The Perfect Ten (The Merzetti Effect) Danger and Desire (Guarding Suzannah) Last Hero Standing (Ice)