Tallulah Grace: Fate

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Fate (Book 1) Tallulah Grace

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Fate (The Timeless Series: Book 1) by Tallulah Grace.

Tallulah Grace’s Timeless Series in Order:

Spellbound (Book 2),  Destiny (Book 3),  Timeless Trilogy (Books 1-3).

Spellbound (Book 2) Destiny (Book 3) Timeless Trilogy (Books 1-3)

Tallulah Grace’s SSCD Crime Thriller Series in Order:

Casanova Killer (Book 1),  The Littles (Book 2),  Bayou Butcher (Book 3),  Anson (Book 4),  The Collector (Book 5).

Casanova Killer (Book 1) The Littles (Book 2) Bayou Butcher (Book 3) Anson (Book 4) The Collector (Book 5)

Tallulah Grace’s Stories of Starsdale Series in Order:

Cliffs of Starsdale (Book 1),  Precipice (Book 2),  Cascade (Book 3),  Avalanche (Book 4).

Cliffs of Starsdale (Book 1) Precipice (Book 2) Cascade (Book 3) Avalanche (Book 4)

Tallulah Grace’s EJB Global Crime Thriller Series in Order:

Sunset Killer (Book 1),  A Killer’s Watch (Book 2),  The Judge (Book 3).

Sunset Killer (Book 1) A Killer's Watch (Book 2) The Judge (Book 3)

Additional Books by Tallulah Grace:

1 – Trapped in Spaulding Manor (Short Story),  2 – An Extraordinary Christmas (Short Story).

Trapped in Spaulding Manor (Short Story) An Extraordinary Christmas (Short Story)

Anthologies/Boxed Sets by Tallulah Grace & Various Authors:

1 – Killer Romances (Cliffs of Starsdale),  2 – Romancing Christmas (A Family for Christmas).

Killer Romances (Cliffs of Starsdale) Romancing Christmas (A Family for Christmas)