The Santa Shop: Tim Greaton

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The Santa Shop (The Samaritans Conspiracy Series: Book 1) by Tim Greaton.


The Samaritans Conspiracy Series in Order:

Red Gloves (Book 2).

 The Santa Shop’s Hollywood Ending is an extended ending to The Santa Shop written for one of the major Hollywood Studios (Print Length: 51 pages). The Santa Shop Anniversary Edition is the newly expanded edition improving on and recreating certain aspects of events within the original and includes The Santa Shop’s Hollywood Ending.


Her Yearning For Blood Serial by Tim Greaton & Angelica Raea:

Episode 1,   Episodes 1-3,   Episode 4.


The Zachary Pill Series by Tim Greaton & Amanda Gill:

Of Monsters and Magic (Book 1),   With Dragon Fear (Book 2),   Against the Troll (Book 3),   The Dragon at Station End (Books 1-3),   Water Golems (2 Short Stories).


Additional Books by Tim Greaton:

1 – Under-Heaven,   2 – The Halloween Caper (Novella),   3 – Bones in the Tree (Novella),   4 – Dustin Jeckle & Mr. Hydel (Short Story),   5 – The Pheesching Sector (Short Story),   6 – The Shaft & Two Other Stories (Short Stories),   7 – For the Deposit & Two Other Stories (Short Stories),   8 – Distilled Shadows (A Collection of Dark Stories).