Tim Greaton: The Santa Shop

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The Santa Shop (Book 1) Tim Greaton Samaritans Conspiracy

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The Santa Shop: Samaritans Conspiracy Series: Book 1: Tim Greaton

“Skip Ralstat is a man so steeped in grief and despair that life seems no longer possible. After the death of his wife and child, Skip blames himself. He has given up his friends, his job and now, devoid of all hope, he survives on the mean streets of Albany. He knows it can’t go on, that life must end…but will it?” —Amazon

Tim Greaton: Samaritans Conspiracy Series in Order

The Santa Shop (Book 1),  Red Gloves (Book 2),  The Santa Shop’s Hollywood Ending (Alternate Ending),  The Santa Shop Anniversary Edition (Expanded Edition).

The Santa Shop (Book 1) Red Gloves (Book 2) The Santa Shop's Hollywood Ending (Alternate Ending) The Santa Shop Anniversary Edition (Expanded Edition)