E. L. Todd: Connected by the Sea

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Connected by the Sea (Book 1)

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Connected by the Sea (The Hawaiian Crush Series: Book 1) by E. L. Todd.

E. L. Todd’s Hawaiian Crush Series in Order:

 Breaking Through the Waves (Book 2),  Connected by the Tide (Book 3),  Taking the Plunge (Book 4),  Riding the Surf (Book 5),  Caught in the Undertow (Book 6),  Lying in the Sand (Book 7).

Breaking Through the Waves (Book 2) Connected by the Tide (Book 3) Taking the Plunge (Book 4)  Caught in the Undertow (Book 6) Lying in the Sand (Book 7)

E. L. Todd’s Forever and Always Series in Order:

Only For You (Book 1),  Forever and Always (Book 2),  Edge of Love (Book 3),  Force of Love (Book 4),  Fight for Love (Book 5),  Lover’s Roulette (Book 6),  Happily Ever After (Book 7),  The Wandering Caravan (Book 8),  Come What May (Book 9),  Again and Again (Book 10),  Lover’s Road (Book 11),  Meant to Be (Book 12),  Here and Now (Book 13),  Until Forever (Book 14), New Beginnings (Book 15),  Love Conquers All (Book 16), Love Hurts (Book 17),  The Last Time (Book 18),  Sweet Sins (Book 19),  Lost in Time (Book 20),  Closing Time (Book 21).

Only For You (Book 1) E. L. Todd Forever and Always (Book 2) Edge of Love (Book 3) Force of Love (Book 4) Fight for Love (Book 5) Lover’s Roulette (Book 6) Happily Ever After (Book 7) The Wandering Caravan (Book 8) Come What May (Book 9) Again and Again (Book 10) Lover's Road (Book 11) Meant to Be (Book 12) Here and Now (Book 13) Until Forever (Book 14) New Beginnings (Book 15) Love Conquers All (Book 16) Love Hurts (Book 17) The Last Time (Book 18) Sweet Sins (Book 19) Lost in Time (Book 20) Closing Time (Book 21)

Touch of Love: A prequel short story to The Forever & Always Series.

Touch of Love

E. L. Todd’s Alpha Series in Order:

Sadie (Book 1),  Elisa (Book 2),  Layla (Book 3),  Janet (Book 4),  Cassie (Book 5).

Sadie (Book 1) Elisa (Book 2) Layla (Book 3) Janet (Book 4) Cassie (Book 5)

E. L. Todd’s Soul Saga Series in Order:

Soul Catcher (Book 1),  Soul Binder (Book 2),  Soul Relenter (Book 3).

Soul Catcher (Book 1) Soul Binder (Book 2) Soul Relenter (Book 3)

E. L. Todd’s Essence Series in Order:

Flight of Life (Book 1),  Tale of Life (Book 2).

Flight of Life (Book 1) Tale of Life (Book 2)

E. L. Todd’s Southern Love Series in Order:

Then Came Alexandra (Book 1),  Then Came Indecision (Book 2),  Then Came Absolution (Book 3), Then Came Abby (Book 4),  Abby’s Plight (Book 5).

Then Came Alexandra (Book 1) Then Came Indecision (Book 2) Then Came Absolution (Book 3) Then Came Abby (Book 4) Abby's Plight (Book 5)

E. L. Todd’s Beautiful Entourage Series in Order:

Beautiful Entourage (Book 1),  Gorgeous Consort (Book 2),  Dark Escort (Book 3),  Dangerous Stranger (Book 4),  Seductive Guest (Book 5).

Seductive Guest (Book 5) Gorgeous Consort (Book 2) Dark Escort (Book 3) Dangerous Stranger (Book 4) Seductive Guest (Book 5)

E. L. Todd’s Forever and Ever Series in Order:

All I Want Is You (Book 1),  If Loving You Is Wrong (Book 2),  You Are All I’ll Ever Need (Book 3),  Having You Is Never Enough (Book 4),  We Belong Together (Book 5),  You Have My Heart (Book 6),  You Will Be Mine (Book 7),  Everything and More (Book 8),  Against All Odds (Book 9),  My Heart Skips a Beat (Book 10),  Nothing Is Left (Book 11),  Because of You (Book 12),  You Make Me Weak (Book 13),  Forever with You (Book 14),  A Hole in My Heart (Book 15),  My Soul Is Yours (Book 16),  I Will Follow You (Book 17),  You Will Be Alright (Book 18),  Ready for Love (Book 19),  You Are My Life (Book 20),  When You Are with Me (Book 21),  Believe in Me (Book 22),  I Will Love You (Book 23),  Love Lives On (Book 24).

All I Want Is You (Book 1) If Loving You Is Wrong (Book 2) You Are All I'll Ever Need (Book 3) Having You Is Never Enough (Book 4) We Belong Together (Book 5) You Have My Heart (Book 6) You Will Be Mine (Book 7) Everything and More (Book 8) Against All Odds (Book 9) My Heart Skips a Beat (Book 10) Nothing Is Left (Book 11) Because of You (Book 12) You Make Me Weak (Book 13) Forever with You (Book 14) A Hole in My Heart (Book 15) My Soul Is Yours (Book 16) I Will Follow You (Book 17) You Will Be Alright (Book 18) Ready for Love (Book 19) You Are My Life (Book 20) When You Are with Me (Book 21) Believe in Me (Book 22) I Will Love You (Book 23) Love Lives On (Book 24)